Find the right replacement parts for all Philips shavers, including meshes, heads, combs, blades and more!

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Philips Bodygroom Shaving Mesh / Shaver Head

Spare mesh / Philips Bodygroom shaver head
Suitable for:BodyGroom S3000, BodyGroom S7000, BodyGroom S5000, Click&Style (S500/700), QG33XX, TT20XX, BG70XX, BG30XX, BG50XX, SBG315, BG20XX, YS52X, YS53X

Spare Mesh / Philips Oneblade Shaver Head

Spare mesh / Philips oneblade shaver head 2 pieces

Spare Mesh / Shaver Head Philips RQ11

Spare grille / shaver head Philips RQ11
Suitable for:SensoTouch 2D (RQ11xx)

Spare Mesh / Shaver Head Philips RQ12PRO

Spare mesh / shaver head Philips RQ12PRO
Suitable for:SensoTouch 3D (RQ12xx)

Spare Mesh / Shaver Head Philips SH50

Spare mesh / shaver head Philips SH50Suitable for:Shaver series 5000 (S5xxx), AquaTouch (S5xxx), PowerTouch (PT8xx, PT7xx), AquaTouch (AT8xx, AT7xx), Shavers 6000 series (S6xxx)

Spare Mesh / Shaver Head Philips SH70

Spare mesh / shaver head Philips SH70Suitable for:S7000 (S7xxx), GentlePrecisionPRO, Star Wars SW77xx,Applies to models that wore RQ12 PRO head

Spare Mesh / Shaver Head Philips SH98

Spare mesh / shaver head Philips SH98
Suitable for:SP9800, S9000 Prestige

Moisturizing Shaving Lotion NIVEA FOR MEN HS8000

Moisturizing shaving lotion NIVEA FOR MEN HS8000
Suitable for: for Nivea for Men series 8000 shaver

Shaver Heads PHILIPS HQ167

Fits the following types HQ6705 HQ671 HQ673 HQ6740 HQ6761 HQ6762 HQ6764 HQ6720 6701X 6705X 6711X 6737X HQ6710 HQ6715 HQ6725 HQ6730

PHILIPS HQ55 Shaver Heads

PHILIPS HQ55 Shaver Heads.Suitable for modelsHQ4 series HQ5413,5426,5430,5812,5813,5817 ΗQ64,66,68 HQ69 series

Shaver Heads PHILIPS SH30 / 50

PHILIPS Shaver Heads (SH30 / 50). Suitable for S3000 (S3xxx), S1000 (S1xxx) models

One Blade QP2620 head

One Blade QP2620 head with comb

Philips HQ171 Shaving Lotion


Moisturizing shaving gel NIVEA FOR MEN for the Cool Skin line by Philips

Clipper comb PHILIPS One Blade QP6550-QP6650

PHILIPS One Blade Clipper Comb Suitable for models QP6650,QP6560.