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Broom Bags Juro-pro NG6

- Compatible Models: Diva, Elegant, Black, Melany - Pieces 10 - Permeability: 230 L/M2.S Retention of particles up to 0.3 mm thick

Broom Bags Juro-pro NG8 PALMA

Pack of 10 pieces Compatible with Juro-Pro Palma models New generation of 5-layer Microfiber technology Cleaner-Healthier environment Capacity 4lt High filtration efficiency Permeability 230 l/m2.s (DIN 44956) Holds particles up to 0.3μm (germs, bacteria, animal hair) Reduces the risk of allergies Suction efficiency increase up to 50%


Broom Bags PHILIPS S BAG ORIGINAL includes 4 bags.

Dust bag for vacuum cleanerPowerProtect Type G ALL

Includes 4 vacuum cleaner bags. With new material technology for longer life and multiple layers for even better and more efficient filtration.

Hoover H63 Pure Epa Vacuum Cleaner Bags

  • Pure Hepa bags for even more efficient filtering
  • Made of durable synthetic material that prevents tearing
  • Package contents: 4 original Pure Hepa bags.

Hoover H69 Freespace Evo Vacuum Cleaner Bags

For high efficiency broom, made of top quality 3-layer paper. high quality filtration. Contains 5 paper bags

Hoover H76 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Hoover vacuum cleaner bags H76.The package includes 5 bags.

Hoover H81 Microfiber Pure Epa Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The Microfiber fabric technology of the H81 bag ensures maximum filtration of all microparticles and excellent dust retention, preventing its recirculation in space.
  • The package contains 4 pieces.
  • Compatible Models: Telios Extra

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Bags H60 TEIOS PLUS / SENSORY

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Hoover H60 TEIOS PLUS / SENSORY 4 pieces

Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Bags 6.904-216.0 10pcs

Models: Kärcher BV 111 Kärcher DS 5200 Kärcher K 5200 Kärcher Τ 171

MIELE FJM HyClean 3D Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Bags ORIGINAL – 4 pieces + 2 filters

4 authentic MIELE HyClean bags 1 engine filter 1 Super Air Clean ventilation filter

Miele GN HyClean 3D Broom Bags 4pcs

HyClean 3D Efficiency GN vacuum cleaner bags. Ensures the stay of dust collected in the vacuum cleaner.
  • Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles
  • Clean bag replacement, thanks to the automatic closing
  • Longer life with 3D vacuum cleaner bag technology
  • Contents: 4 vacuum cleaner bags, 1 motor protection filter & 1 ventilation filter