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Philips CA6903 / 10 Espresso Aqua clean Machine Water Filter

  • For SAECO espresso machines
  • Improves the taste of coffee
  • After 5000 uses, desalination is required
  • Replacement every three months

Genuine Espresso Saeco CA6702 Brita Intenza +

Authentic Saeco CA6702 Brita Intenza + espresso coffee machine filter

Original Braun Brita AX13210006 French Coffee Maker Filter

Suitable for:3112, 3104, 3108, 3069, 3071, 3114, 3116, 3105, 3106, 3122, 3102

Delonghi EC680-EC685-EC695 Espresso Coffee Maker Handle

DELONGHI espresso coffee machine handle (group). Suitable for EC680, EC685, EC695 DEDICA models. Includes 2-dose coffee filter.

Delonghi DLS C002 Espresso Machine Water Filter

The De'Longhi water filter is designed to optimize the quality of water used by coffee machines.
  • Helps improve and efficiency of the machine as it prevents the formation of salts inside the machine.
  • Pure water helps maintain the original aroma of coffee.
  • Helps extend the life of the machine
  • It is installed easily and quickly.
  • It is recommended to change the filter frequently, at least every two months

Filter For Coffee Maker AEG APAF3

Suitable for AEG models KF5300-KF5700-KF7800-KF7900 (3 TEMAXIA)

French Coffee Maker Filter DELONGHI BCO410

DELONGHI coffee filter (carbon) against salts. Suitable for ICM models 60,65,80,100, BCO 320,330,410,420.

French KRUPS XP2240 Coffee Maker Filter

KRUPS coffee machine spare parts. Coffee maker charcoal filters KRUPS, MOULINEX CRYSTAL AROME, T89 against salts. Suitable for the models F472, XP2050, XP2070, XP2240, XP2280.