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HEOV Vacuum Cleaner HEPA filter

Model name Serial No.1 Brand CP70_CP10011 39001146 HOOVER CP70_CP40011 700W 39001282 HOOVER CP70_CP50011 700W 39001285 HOOVER CP71_CP30011 700W 39001281 HOOVER

Hoover H63 Pure Epa Vacuum Cleaner Bags

  • Pure Hepa bags for even more efficient filtering
  • Made of durable synthetic material that prevents tearing
  • Package contents: 4 original Pure Hepa bags.

Hoover H69 Freespace Evo Vacuum Cleaner Bags

For high efficiency broom, made of top quality 3-layer paper. high quality filtration. Contains 5 paper bags

Hoover H76 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Hoover vacuum cleaner bags H76. The package includes 5 bags.

Hoover H81 Microfiber Pure Epa Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The Microfiber fabric technology of the H81 bag ensures maximum filtration of all microparticles and excellent dust retention, preventing its recirculation in space.
  • The package contains 4 pieces.
  • Compatible Models: Telios Extra

Hoover original vacuum cleaner for carpets (carpet extra)

AT70_AT40011 39001220 TE70_TE75011 39001421 TE70_TE65011 39001422 AT70_AT01011 39001116 TE70_TE30011 39001124 TE70_TE21011 TE70TE21011 39001212 TE70 TE18011 39001339 TE80PET 011 39001551 TE70TE19021700

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Bags H60 TEIOS PLUS / SENSORY

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Hoover H60 TEIOS PLUS / SENSORY 4 pieces

Sensory Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Bag Round Room Filter

Motor protection filter. Special composition retains dust and objects.

Vacuum Cleaner Filter U60 HOOVER

Suitable for models Hoover: TCR4183 011 TCR4206 011 TCR4213 011, TCR4213 021 TCR4223 001 TCR4224 TCR4226 011 TCR4233 001 TCR4737