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Hoover Telios Plus!

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Telios Extra Hoover Original Vacuum Cleaner Foot with Buckle

Hoover Telios Extra-Reactiv Original Vacuum Cleaner Foot

Hoover Carpet And Floor Vacuum Cleaner Foot For The Athos And Telios Plus Series

Vacuum cleaner foot for the Athos and Telios Plus Hoover series for carpet and floorsSuitable for: Athos, Telios Plus

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Bags H60 TEIOS PLUS / SENSORY

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Hoover H60 TEIOS PLUS / SENSORY 4 pieces

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Hoover H30 Telios – Athos

Broom Bags HOOVER TELIOS ATHOS. Includes 5 bags + 1 filter.

Hoover H81 Microfiber Pure Epa Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The Microfiber fabric technology of the H81 bag ensures maximum filtration of all microparticles and excellent dust retention, preventing its recirculation in space.
  • The package contains 4 pieces.
  • Compatible Models: Telios Extra

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Telios Extra H-81

Broom Bags TELIOS EXTRA H-81. Includes 5 bags + 1 filter.

Hepa & Air Filters U88 Vacuum Cleaner Telios Extra Hoover Original

Original hygienic Hepa filter, high efficiency for vacuum cleaner. The Hepa hygiene filter, which retains 99.9% of bacteria, mites, dust particles, from the extracted air of the vacuum cleaner.Maximum performance and protection filter, ideal for sweeping in areas with pets as it prevents hair and odors from being released into the atmosphere. It is recommended to change the filter every 12 months or sooner if worn. The package also includes the motor protection input filter.

Vacuum cleaner motor filter hoover telios plus S114 original

Motor protection filter together with the plastic base. External dimensions 11.5x11.5cm * Check product compatibility with your device in the model list below.

Hoover Telios Plus Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Hoover Telios Plus Vacuum Cleaner Filter