Find spare parts (stirrer, jug, lid, knife) for all models of Kenwood food processors, such as Major, K-Mix, KM260, KM005, A900, KAH359GL, etc.

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Mixer ‘K’ Food processor KENWOOD MAJOR Aluminum

Stirrer 'K' Aluminum Food Processor KENWOOD MAJOR

Mixer Hook Food Processor KENWOOD MAJOR Aluminum

Mixer Hook Aluminum Food Processor KENWOOD MAJOR

KENWOOD K-MIX Food Processor Mixer

KENWOOD K-MIX Food Processor MixerSuitable for KMX50,51,52,56,55,57,58,60,80,81,82,84,86,93,95,97,98 models.

KENWOOD KM260 Kitchen Stirrer

KENWOOD Food Processor StirrerSuitable for the models KM260, KM261, KM262, KM263, KM264, KM265, KM266.

Jug Blender For All Chef And Major Thermoresist KAH359GL Models

Blender jug ​​for all Chef and Major models
Suitable for: all models of Chef and Major Ken food processors

Lid for Food Processor KENWOOD A900

KENWOOD Food Processor Bin LidSuitable for models A900, KM200, KM210, KM220, KM400, KM600

Glass Jug Knife KENWOOD KAH359GL

KENWOOD Food Processor Glass Jug KnifeSuitable for all Chef and Major thermoresist KAH359GL models

KENWOOD Kitchen Machine Spatula

KENWOOD food processor spatulaSuitable for all food processors.