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Bosch / Siemens vacuum cleaner motor filter

Bosch-Siemens vacuum cleaner motor protection filter

Dust bag for vacuum cleanerPowerProtect Type G ALL

Includes 4 vacuum cleaner bags. With new material technology for longer life and multiple layers for even better and more efficient filtration.

Naumann Type G Vacuum Cleaner Bags ALL

Cloth Vacuum Cleaner Bags Siemens, Bosch / Type G (Carbon) with antibacterial and anti-allergic action. The package contains 5 bags and 1 filter.

Siemens-Bosch Hepa Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Hepa filter for Bosch - Siemens vacuum cleaners

Vacuum Cleaner Filter Siemens-Bosch / VS06, BSG

Protective filter suitable for Siemens, η BOSCH VS06,VS08 BSA,BSGL2 ,BSGMOVE,VS8Pro04