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Stiroplus Prestige Ironing Board Cover

Ironing board cover with indelible colors, suitable for Stiroplus Prestige ironing board, with surface dimensions 123cm x 48cm, resistant to high temperatures. Machine washable at 30 ° C.

Stiroplus SP1070-SP1075 Iron Water Tank

Iron water tank for ironing system, high quality and durable, suitable for Stiroplus

Water Reservoir For Steam Generator Stiroplus SP1025

Water tank for the steam generator Stiroplus SP1025

Water Reservoir For Steam Generator Stiroplus SP1050

Water tank for the steam generator Stiroplus SP1050

Ironing board Stiroplus 650, 660, 651

Genuine special cloth for Stiroplus irons. The ironing board has an inner cotton wool that does not retain water and

Stiroplus Fiorella Original Ironing Cloth

Ironing cloth for ironing board, high resistance and quality, suitable for StiroplusDimensions (cm): 123 x 38 Other Features: Washable at 30C

Stiroplus Mirella Ironing Cloth 113cm x 36cm

Stiroplus Ironing Cloth 113cm x 36cmTYPE IBC807Suitable for the Ironing Board : Mirella

Ironing board Stiroplus Prestige

Ironing board cover Stiroplus S / 8E / A / 82001 Prestige from 100% cotton with indelible colors and built-in felt. Suitable for Stiroplus Prestige ironing board with surface dimension 123cm x 48 cm

Ironing Water Filter STIROPLUS SP1022S

STIROPLUS Ironing Water FilterPackage of 2 pieces.