Find the right replacement filter for your Miele vacuum cleaner. Options available for all Miele vacuum cleaner models!

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HEPA AirClean filter with timestrip® Safely traps fine dust and allergens.

  • Ideal for dust allergens, retention ≥99.95% of the powder.
  • HEPA category 13 according to EN 1822/2011
  • With timestrip® filter replacement indicator
  • For good performance, change the filter once a year
  • Contains: 1 filter

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Filter / SF-ACC 50 (Carbon)

Suitable for models: SF-AAC50 (SFAAC50) MIELE s4000 – s8000 S4210 Sirius, S4212 Neptune, S4212 Polaris, S4780 Orion S5211 Ariel, S5280

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Filter / SF-AH 30 (Hepa + Carbon)

SF-AH30 (SFAH30) Miele S300 : S301 Midsize Canister, S312 Midsize Canister, S314 Red Star, S314 White Star, S316 Cat &