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Delonghi DLS C002 Espresso Machine Water Filter

The De'Longhi water filter is designed to optimize the quality of water used by coffee machines.
  • Helps improve and efficiency of the machine as it prevents the formation of salts inside the machine.
  • Pure water helps maintain the original aroma of coffee.
  • Helps extend the life of the machine
  • It is installed easily and quickly.
  • It is recommended to change the filter frequently, at least every two months

Delonghi DLSC306 Coffee Maker Desalination Cleaner 3pcs

Keep the espresso machine clean and functional with the complete care set of Coffee Care Kit DLSC306 by Delonghi, which will extend the life of your machine, while having all the necessary accessories for the best cleaning and the most effective desalination.

Delonghi EcoDecalk 500ml Descaling Liquid

  • 500ml: Ideal amount for 4 desalination cycles
  • 100% ecological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Composition of natural, high quality materials
  • Bottle and packaging from recycled materials
  • Regular use prolongs the life of the machine and reduces energy consumption

Delonghi Fancy Collection 6sqm Coffee Cup Set

The set includes 2 glasses of espresso, 2 cappuccino, and 2 latte macchiato with double wall. The glasses are made of blown handmade glass and have thermal insulating properties that help keep the drink warm for longer!

Delonghi SoftBalls Coffee Maker Desalination Balls

Product Type: Desalination
Detergent Type: Desalination & Cleaning
Contains: The package contains 2 doses
Suitable for: Espresso machines
Suitable for: Espresso machines
In addition: Suitable for filter machines, portions and espresso

Philips CA6700 / 10 Coffee Maker Desalination Cleaner 250ml

  • Desalination system 250ml
  • Perfect Desalination Process
  • Protection of the system from the accumulation of salts
  • With regular decalcification, extension of machine life
  • Enhance the taste of coffee

Philips CA6903 / 10 Espresso Aqua clean Machine Water Filter

  • For SAECO espresso machines
  • Improves the taste of coffee
  • After 5000 uses, desalination is required
  • Replacement every three months