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Home Appliance Maintenance: Why it’s so important for your pocket and safety

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Here are some simple tips for maintaining a home appliance

Do you also belong to those who buy a home appliance and then never deal with it again, until it shows some damage? This is a normal and logical move, with the idea that a new device can work without any effort.

This may be true in the early years, but the truth is that such a practice greatly reduces its lifespan. This is because a device needs regular cleaning and service, in order to work properly and not suffer from common damages that could have been avoided.

In fact, when it comes to maintaining household appliances, such as the kitchen, it is not only about saving money, but also about household safety. Here are some simple tips for maintaining a home appliance.

Refrigerator maintenance

Regular maintenance of refrigerators is essential for their proper operation. Most faults that lead to refrigerator repairs, especially in the first years of operation, occur because a refrigerator appliance is not regularly maintained. That is, it does not clean well and accumulates dirt that does not allow our refrigerator to work efficiently. The condenser coils at the bottom or back of the refrigerator often become clogged with dust so no air can circulate in the system. So, once in 2-3 months it is good to remove this dust with a vacuum cleaner and a clean cloth, while the same should be done in the fan.

Another classic fault is to damage the hose that ensures that the door closes well so that there is no heat loss. The hose must be cleaned at least once a month. If, however, you notice that the door does not close tightly and that the refrigerator has difficulty maintaining a low temperature, then you should call a technician to change your hose. This is a much lower cost than a refrigerator that struggles to maintain a low temperature and thus expends large amounts of energy.

Beyond that, of course, it is good for a technician with maintenance work to assess the condition of the refrigerator once a year. The technician will check if there is sufficient coolant, if the engine makes any strange noise indicating a fault, if the thermostat is working properly, and if the freezer defrost system is as efficient as needed so that it does not collect ice.

Kitchen maintenance

The number one tip regarding the proper functioning of the kitchen is its regular cleaning. Both in the hearth and in the oven it makes sense for fat and food debris to accumulate. These are not only harmful to the kitchen, as they can clog and damage many of its components. At the same time, they dramatically increase the risk of fire, which very often starts in households from the kitchen.

So, what you can do yourself is to clean the hobs and the oven with the special cleaners. This cleaning should be done when the surfaces have cooled, but relatively immediately from the formation of the stain. In commercial kitchens, for example, this is done at the end of the day.

However, cleaning is not enough to ensure that the kitchen is working properly. Regular service is especially useful before you choose to do a complete kitchen repair, so it is definitely a much cheaper solution. The technician mainly checks the resistors, as if they do not work properly, then they can cause a serious short circuit. At the same time, he is checking something still very basic that concerns the ventilation of the oven. The air ducts should not malfunction in the slightest and should be fully open to ensure the release of excess heat.

Washing machine maintenance

All experienced technicians reveal the same thing. Most washing machine repairs could be avoided if the owners made a few easy maintenance moves to check that a pipe was not clogged. Washing machine pipes and fittings are usually clogged either due to salts or due to a large amount of detergent. Another reason is that we forget various things in the pockets of the clothes, such as coins and papers, as a result of which they end up in the washing machine pipes and often cause serious damage.

So, every month it is good to make sure that there are no bumps on the outer pipes of the washing machine. In addition, once a month we suggest you put an empty wash with water at high temperature (60 degrees Celsius) and a little vinegar, to remove dirt and salts from inside the washing machine.

However, if you notice that the washing machine does not clean or squeeze the laundry well, then it is necessary to consult a technician, who will check the passage of all the pipes, to make sure that everything works properly.

In any case, what is most important is that the maintenance of home appliances is a simple routine that you can apply yourself on a daily basis, but also with the help of a technician once a year. It will save you a lot of money from unnecessary repairs and breakdowns, will extend the life of the devices, but will also guarantee the safety of each device.

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